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lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

Más allá del número 7 / Beyond number 7 (I)

In the last issue, unfortunately, there were some texts that, for some reasons, could not be part of the number 7.
That's why we want to show you some of them.
Here you are, a poem by Jonay Martin.

We hope you like it.


Por desgracia, hubo varias colaboraciones que por diversos motivos no pudieron formar parte del número 7. Como nos daba un poco de rabia, hemos decidido hacer un hueco aquí a esos colaboradores y esperamos volver a tener noticias suyas en futuros números.

Hoy os traemos un poema de Jonay Martín y a lo largo de los próximos días os presentaremos a otros dos artistas que tampoco pudieron participar en el último número.

I can feel the light rising
My world is spinning around
Oh my God! Where’s my wallet and glasses??
Yes, I’m such a clown…

Images start to come
I’d rather to keep this amnesia
To forget the low I got last night
In my senseless inertia

The floor had some kind of magnetism
And my stomach let me down
I tried to keep myself over my feet
But I just fell to the ground

An ambush of voices
Coming from the dark
Sit here, take air” they said
While I was under attack!!

Here we go again gravity!
This is a public affair
I just can’t stay away from you
Oh dirty streets, London’s waist

Mercy came from nowhere
While I was kissing that road
Those voices were life
When I had none

Next act, Taxi’s back seat
How I got here??
Oh God! I’m pretty bad
I can even see

I faced those machines
I fought hard for what’s mine
They won anyway…
But, won’t be so lucky next time

After that, just nothing
Black out and clues
How I paid for that ride?
Oh crap! Taxis never lose

This is the sad an true story
Of little Johnny and that Bar
Finding how much alcohol can be
In those tinny glasses they have

 Jonay Martín                    

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